Vandalism at Roe Lee Park

We’ve been quiet recently. A global pandemic and ill health in the family will do that to a family-run charity.
But we are dismayed to report the vandalism of our defibrillator cabinet at Roe Lee Park in Blackburn.
By whom? Young adults, teenagers, children, [insert less pleasant words here]. However you would choose to describe them, their mindless vandalism – and that is the only appropriate description – means that someone’s life might not be saved whilst we take the defibrillator back into our care and replace the secure cabinet.
A cabinet that has had its secure door writhed off its hinges.
A cabinet that’s had its key pad lock trashed.
A cabinet that has had a thermostat, heater, light and cabling mindlessly ripped from its insides – and thrown in an adjacent shrub.
All for what? To leave the life-saving defibrillator behind? ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️
We have the CCTV. It may have taken place in mid-August, but someone will know these individuals.
It’s going to cost £600 to replace, together with our time and that of the electrical installation to get this back into the community.
With our ability to fundraise, like many charities, being massively restricted at the moment – its £600 we don’t have to spare.
We are just thankful that we work with so many good kids and young adults, and we know that this behaviour isn’t the norm. Their generation shouldn’t be tarnished by the mindless acts of these particular idiots.
Hopefully someone will know who’s responsible, and the police can continue their enquiries substantively.
SM ❤️

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